"Davis and I had the pleasure of working with Meghan Smith as our wedding planner. She was the absolute best. She was so helpful throughout the whole process. As you know weddings can be a bit stressful, Meghan was always there to assure me that everything was taken care of and making sure I was happy in the end. She was just wonderful to work with. You can tell she has a passion for weddings and the planning process. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a fun, detailed, professional wedding planner. We love Meghan Smith!!"

Lindsey Campbell is truly a Godsend. I was a very hands-on bride and honestly thought that I didn't need a coordinator. However, my venue required a day of coordinator and Lindsey was on the preferred vendor list and came very highly rated. During my initial consult with her she explained how planning and coordination were personal to her because she was also a hands-on bride and felt like she didn't have the opportunity to detach and let herself fully enjoy her own wedding. She never wanted anyone else to have that experience. I immediately felt a bond with Lindsey and knew that she was the perfect person to have with me on my big day. She was available to me every step of the way and being an out of town bride, that was incredibly important. She let me ship her a couple of things that wouldn't fit in my car, she gave me vendor recommendations and advice on my rental choices, she brought me and my bridesmaids breakfast the morning of the wedding and unpacked the entire car, set everything up and made sure the day ran smoothly. She made sure I didn't worry about anything and for that I am so grateful. I know the experience would not have been the same without Lindsey. She is the biggest asset you can have on your wedding day!  Thank you, Lindsey!!