We love helping people bring their dreams and visions to life.

We are Lindsey (AKA Lulu) and Meghan (AKA Mayme) We got these terms of endearments from our nieces and nephews- and we love them.


There are many things about ourselves that we would love to share with you, but there is no way to share them ALL on here. So here are just a few things we think you should know about us.


We are lovers of all things pretty. Meghan's favorite color is black and Lindsey's is white. Go figure.


We love weddings. Lindsey has been wedding planning for over 10 year and Meghan has joined her over the last several years. We make a great team.


We love our kiddos and our husbands. Lindsey has two kiddos... Jude and Caroline. Meghan is still growing her family, but for now has a sweet little nugget Sadie. Our husbands are Chris (Lindsey's man) and Jacob (Meghan's man). Sometimes they come and do the heavy lifting for us, we just like to watch them work!


We love coffee, diet coke, water and wine. And if we are feeling super festive, champagne. We love the bubbles.


We love the beach and traveling in general. Meghan and I have a place we go in our minds when we get stressed...It's down on 30A in Florida with two blue chairs a good book and the waves crashing softly...AHHH!


Meghan is an avid runner and an amazing singer. She seriously has done a bunch of half marathons and a marathon. She kills it.


Lindsey on the other hand loves game shows and her and her family were on Family Feud. The made it all the way to day 5 and lost the car.  BOO!


We love to read books, and both of us have read every Nicholas Sparks. Silly but we love them.


We are hardcore Grey's Anatomy fans. We are each other's person (Gray + Yang forever).


We love each other. We have been friends going on almost 10 years.


We love people. All kinds, shapes and sizes. It's kind of our thing. Never met a stranger and we are huggers so when you meet us just get ready.


And most importantly we love Jesus. Like really love Him.


We would love to meet you- so just go ahead and contact us already.